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Releasing your Inner Greatness

I recently read an article that has touched my life in so many positive ways, I now share it here and hope you do the same.

If you have read my other blog posts you will know I recently took a big leap of faith, hard decisions had to be made, through this my life has changed in ways I would never had imagined.  Leading me on a path of self-discovery and a spiritual journey.  I have always known there must be something more to life and I now believe it.  I have only just touched the surface of it.  It is really exciting, powerful, exhilarating, uplifting, and joyous to my heart, mind, body and spirit.  Still in spiritual diapers,  rediscovering myself and for the first time in my life standing in my truth.

These are the 7 heartfelt reasons to release your inner greatness:

  1. You help others:

By doing what it feels like you are meant to do, or doing what you really want to do, you are guaranteed to help other people. You are helping them change, evolve and even shift their lives. You inspire them to do better, think differently, and to believe more in themselves, their skills or who they are.

  1. You grow and evolve.

When you take a step up and walk into your greatness, you grow mentally, emotionally and energetically. You grow as a human being.  You grow closer to your heart and the door to an abundant amount of self-love that you possess inside opens and flows forth. You personally and spiritually evolve and you embrace your personal skill set by seeing how valuable it actually is. You become aware of how much you have grown and you become aware of how much you have evolved in just a short amount of time. You see yourself much more clearly.

  1. Your light shines brighter and you stand taller.

When stepping on to your stage in life you allow more light to shine through you and you pass that light on to other people. By sensing and allowing this new strong level of light to shine within and through you, you land in a new sense of security and safety in being who you are and what you are doing. It makes you stand taller. It happens naturally and it gives you a profoundly warm and loving feeling inside. You know that you are okay. You know that you are worthy.

  1. You say yes to more in life.

By acknowledging your greatness and releasing it, you automatically say yes to more in life. More fun. More love. More laughter. More money. More gratitude. More enjoyment. More connection. More you. You say yes to having more in life – to having what matches the greatness you are opening up to.

  1. You acknowledge your heart.

By acknowledging and setting your greatness free you acknowledge your heart’s vision. You acknowledge that your heart has so much love to share, so many words to give and so much wisdom to give away. You acknowledge the deep connection you have to your heart and it opens your heart to a profound level of love within. You acknowledge the great a power your heart holds for you and the World.

  1. You acknowledge your soul’s purpose.

When you release your greatness, your soul’s purpose gets a channel to communicate through. It gets a voice. It gets a vibration to work through with you as the communicator, navigator and practitioner of its wisdom.  Your soul’s purpose just becomes clearer and clearer the more you open up to your greatness. This clarity gives you the opportunity to materialize and realize the purpose of your soul.

  1. You enter a new level of love, gratitude and grace.

The more you share your heart, your greatness, soul’s purpose and who you really are, the more access you get to love, gratitude and grace. You hold infinite amounts of love, gratitude and grace, and the more greatness you share, the deeper the levels of love, gratitude and grace appear and open up for you to discover and experience.

The more of these that you share and master, the more love, gratitude and grace becomes available to you. It goes on and on in a beautiful circle.  Transforming our lives to live with purpose, fulfillment and love.

Be blessed with greatness and love WendyIMG_2212