Facing forward

let your dream become your passion – My leap Of Faith

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I recently had to sit quietly and question myself why I have been struggling with acceptance and truth issues and why they were been triggered by those around me.

Honestly, my realizations was rather hard to accept at first.

It  literally felt like it had triggered an avalanche within me.

As a result I was forced to ask myself tough questions and sit with the feelings and then own them as my own stuff.

What is my definition of acceptance?

Why do I feel the need of acceptance by others?

Do I accept myself?

Am I being 100 % truthful to myself and to those around me?

I have a lot of work I still need to do to figure it all out, but I think I am at a space in my head where I really do understand why this was triggered and in a place in my heart where it is sore , only because I realized I was guilty of no self-acceptance or truth to myself.

Approval from others is something I think I have my entire life secretly wanted or needed.  The feeling of approval by others actually gives me fulfillment.  Now I can really understand myself better and why I have people pleased most of my life, I had become obsessed by acceptance of others only because I am not accepting of myself!

I know this is not something I can fix overnight, but I have promised myself it is time to do the work.

My journey of self-acceptance has begun

Be yourself,Accept yourself, Value yourself, Bless yourself, Forgive yourself, Express yourself, Trust yourself, Love yourself, Empower yourself, Be kind to yourself

I know by owning my story and loving myself through the process is going to be a challenge but it will probably be one of the bravest things I will ever do.

So, I will not look back in sorrow or regret.  I know deep in your heart that everything up to this point has helped to shape my life and mold me into the beautiful soul I am today.  I promise to keep reminding myself that I have always tried and done my best.  The  hardships which I have encountered, I embrace as life lessons, for these have resulted in soul spiritual growth,which I am truly grateful for.

When I think back and wish things could have been different, I now can take a moment to examine the beauty around me and remember that without my past, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I now Embrace it. Love it. Learn from it.

I love that I am continuously growing and grateful for all that has transpired and thank God for the lessons and experiences that he has shown me, to help me along my journey.