Facing forward

let your dream become your passion – My leap Of Faith

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Facing forward

I recently had to sit quietly and question myself why I have been struggling with acceptance and truth issues and why they were been triggered by those around me.

Honestly, my realizations was rather hard to accept at first.

It  literally felt like it had triggered an avalanche within me.

As a result I was forced to ask myself tough questions and sit with the feelings and then own them as my own stuff.

What is my definition of acceptance?

Why do I feel the need of acceptance by others?

Do I accept myself?

Am I being 100 % truthful to myself and to those around me?

I have a lot of work I still need to do to figure it all out, but I think I am at a space in my head where I really do understand why this was triggered and in a place in my heart…

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Seven Days of Sunset ~ Day 7… Closing Words: Part 2…

Falling Forward

When you hold on to your past, you impede your progress.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to forgive yourself and to let go so you can move forward. This often the hardest and last step. It was for me.

Ultimately, you make the choice of how you want your life to be. No matter what has happened in your past, you can change your life. Make the decision. Right now. Decide to take responsibility from this moment on for who you become.

Start where you are. This moment. Stop waiting for a miracle.

I realized it wasn’t God that was punishing me. I was punishing myself for things that had happened and things I had no control over. At least not anymore. Living in the past does nothing. So I let it go and chose to begin a new chapter.

I gave myself the power back…

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Talent Isn’t What Makes You Good. This Is:

Sharing this blog which I follow. Transforming ourselves through facing the darkness within. Be a courageous warrior of your truth.
Much Love Wendy


Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/6CRxW

We talk about talent as thought it’s some wildly magical ingredient to success.

But, it is such a teeny, tiny, infinitesimal part of the equation, no matter what artistic medium we are considering.

The rest doesn’t come for free. And it shouldn’t.

The rest is all about passion. Passion and drive. Focus and steadfastness. Rawness. Realness. The willingness to work until you almost collapse. Until you’re rubbed raw. It’s having the balls to rip your heart open and pour the pulsating contents into your art.

Talent doesn’t mean anything.

What matters is the ability to completely immerse yourself in your art and create from a place deep within you. A very, very scary place. A place you feel you must go.

From this secret and painfully intimate location, you are able to look directly into the ugliest of inner truths. You stare right at them. You study them.

Then, you share…

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Change !

The Tides of Change

No more excuses ! I was having breakfast with a friend this morning and we were talking about our lives and the roads we had walked . I was explaining to her how I see us all as beautiful bubbles in a tank slowly rising to the surface. We were discussing how every bubble or person will eventually rise to the surface and grow and transcend all they need to on their journey. We discussed the really funny things that our bubbles get trapped under as they rise to the surface and we started talking about the things that had held or trapped us before . Suddenly it hit me like ton of bricks , at every stage of my life I always had one single major thing that was holding me back. One single thing that anchored me to the spot and would not let me go any further until…

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Gratitude for the good and bad

Facing forward


Today I am filled with so much gratitude – gratitude for the path I am walking.

When I think of the word gratitude to me it means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that you receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle, and being aware on a continuous basis of how much you’ve been given.

True Gratitude happened for me, when I truly accepted and learnt to appreciate the road I have traveled, I found acceptance and gratitude not only in the good times but the sad and dark times too.

This is what I have realized – I had to walk that path as hard as my life has been, that is the path I chose.  The best part is – I had to walk that path with the heartache all the pain and all the sorrows…

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Healing my soul my personal journey

I am on a path, exactly where i am meant to be right now.  And from here, I can only go forward, shaping my life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love.”   My journey to self discovery, a gift and promise to myself.

I have started to attend spiritual gatherings/retreats held by the community I belong to in Johannesburg South Africa.

Release and healing was the beautiful gift I received from the retreat I recently attended.   If you have ever experienced energy healing you will understand what I mean. The vibration going through my body in that very moment, one just knows what is happening. The power the release the awareness the calm that follow’s. #Goose bumps.

This morning I sit stunned by the realization that I’m different today because my new life has only now begun.

Over the past few months I have made huge changes to my personal life. So the change is obvious to those around me, yet today I sit here typing, with my heart wide open. When I sit quietly, I wait and listen, waiting for the noise in my head to start. Yet today it’s not there. Oh MY WORD, where is the noise. ‪#‎Laughing the feeling of complete peace and love fills my entire body, so I cry again of course, these are tears of joy and gratitude – as I know now, I finally closed the door on my past. This is possible because of the lovely caring friends and community that surround me.

I am so grateful for my emotional roller coaster of a week, last week.  It all made sense to me while at this gathering,  I started to connect the dots, I call it divine intervention.  I had to have that hard emotional week for a reason.  A lot of old feelings and dark memories from my past seemed to bombard my mind during that week.  After many conversations with myself along with self doubt and far too many tears shed.  I could sit back and reflect on that emotional week and comfortably know in my heart,  I had completed the work I needed to do that week already by facing those memories of the past. This is how powerful the universe is.  My final release was completed at the ceremony. Burning the little boxes that have been a part of me for so long, the ones that were tightly sealed and packed down very deep in my soul the ones with all that muck and dirt in them, that muck and dirt will never haunt me ever again, they gone, burnt merely ashes swept away with the wind.

What a powerful and profound message.

Truth, honour, consideration, love and happiness is all I have in my heart now.

After my release I could finally take that first baby step and reconnect with my true self. That was reconnecting with my inner child. Tears turned to Sobs when I saw her for the first time. (surrounded by friends within my community to help me through this pain, along with trust and faith in God, I was able to  accept her with grace and love once more.

My letter to my inner child.

To the child who grew up always saying “ I cant”

To the one who constantly felt she was never good enough

To the child that disappeared at a very young age

I love you

You are worthy

You are holy

Right now and forever

To the one who cried herself to sleep

To the child who knew she was loved, yet constantly felt alone

To the one I abused through substance abuse

I am sorry

I gently pick you up, off the floor

I look at your face and touch your blonde hair

I take you in my arms and hold you close

I wipe your tears, hush hush dear one

You are safe once more

I softly whisper in your ear “it’s time”

“Dear child open your eyes”

I promise to never leave you

I promise to nurture you

love and care for you

I promise to keep you safe

“Dear Child open your eyes”

The darkness is now filled with light and sunshine

“Dear Child open your eyes”

I am you, you are me we are one

Take my hand dear child

I promise to honour love and respect you once more.